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OK my secrete is out I use adult dating sites to get laid and believe me when I tell you I get laid a lot, and I’m definitely not ashamed to admit I use these sites because it’s the easiest method I have ever found to get to sleep with women. There’s no wining and dining involved, there’s no second third or even fourth date needed before you end up in bed together. You just find a woman you like the look of through one of these sites and if she’s interested in you, you can then arrange a place to meet up, maybe have a couple of drinks then you head back to yours or her place and have sex and then go your separate ways without ever needing to meet up again if you don’t want to.

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That’s it that’s how adult dating sites work and that’s why I love them so much, in fact I’ve joined over three of these sites in the past year alone and will probably join more if I ever need to. I don’t know about you but I’m not interested in a long term relationship, I actually enjoy being single. The fact that I can pretty much do as I please whenever I want has always appealed to me, I don’t want a women telling me I can’t go down the pub after work I don’t want some nagging woman screaming at me because I didn’t do the washing up or fix the fence.

Single Life Rocks

I love been single and I don’t want to change that but I do still need to get laid from time to time it’s in our nature to want to mate with the opposite sex as often as possible but if you don’t have a wife or girlfriend it can be hard at times. And yes I’ve thought of having sex with escorts before but what an expensive hobby that would be, OK if you can afford it but I can’t so I use adult dating sites to get laid and they do the job for me extremely well. You do have to pay a joining fee and the price depends on how many months you join for, but this doesn’t really cost too much and I can easily afford the fee anyway.

These dating sites are different to normal dating sites such as plenty of fish; you see the normal dating sites are aimed at people looking for someone to fall in love with whereas adult dating websites are for people looking for sex. And there are hundreds of thousands and thousands of people all over the world who just want to get laid and not get involved with someone. So these sites are a god send for people like you and me, we no longer have to go out and try chatting some woman up to sleep with her, not that I was ever any good at that in the first place.

The Services

You can email as many members as you wish, you will be matched up quite often with like minded people and you can also chat to them direct through the sites webcam service. You can and should upload as many photos of yourself as possible so potential fuck buddies can see you in different poses and you can and should upload a video telling people who you’re looking for and what you’re into. Another good word of advice would be don’t act like a dickhead and call yourself something like fuckable sex god and post a photo of your penis on your profile it just puts most women off you straight away.

Click Here To Visit The Top Five Adult Dating Sites Reviewed

Just be yourself be polite and honest and other members will see this and prefer to talk to you rather than the asshole who just posted a picture of his erection on the site. Its common sense really, treat people how you would like to be treated and you will always go far, treat people like shit and you will soon discover no one has any respect for you and will treat you the same, but hey that’s life.


Average Guy

Now I’m just your average guy who two years ago found it hard to meet women to chat to let alone sleep with them, I would go out to clubs with my mates and I seemed to be the only fella there who never pulled. This seemed to be the story of my life when it came to women, yes I’ve had plenty of girlfriends in the past but I met these through other friends and colleagues and we got to know each other over a period of time.

Crap At Chatting Up Women

Funny Pick Up Line

But for me to go out with the intention of chatting a girl up with the hope of sleeping with her, well forget that, it just never came natural to me. I could never think of anything to say I always came across as nervous and to be pretty honest with myself I sucked at it. So I started reading confident books and searching online for chat up lines all of which never worked, so I resigned to my fate as a loser and pretty much gave up on the idea of ever having a one night stand.

But then when I thought it was never going to happen I found a certain type of dating website that guaranteed I would get laid if I joined up, yeah I know what your thinking a scam site promising the earth and delivering nothing, well I thought that at first as well but I didn’t have anything to lose so I thought I would give it a go so I signed up and payed the membership fee and started sending out emails to a boat load of single ladies in my area.

The very next day I checked my emails and to my surprise NOTHING zilch not one bloody reply, so I assumed it was a load of crap and forgot about it for the rest of the day. Then around eight o clock in the evening I checked again and this time there was two replies from two lovely looking ladies who wanted me to send more information about myself. Anyway that evening I ended up chatting to one of them through the dating sites cam to cam service and we really hit it off and decided to meet up the next evening.

The Date

I couldn’t wait for the next day to come around and when it eventually did we met up at the Fleece and Firkin a local pub in the town centre where I live. We both sat there for a while drinking alcohol to calm our nerves and she said she had never done anything like this before and where do we go from here. So I said my place or yours and hers was nearer so we ended up back there and went straight into the bedroom and had great sex for what seemed like hours, although knowing me it was probably twenty minutes. But we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and swapped emails and phone numbers and agreed to meet up again one day, and since that night I’ve met her around nine more times for sex.

Anyway I thought that might have been a one off but it turns out I was wrong, I meet up for sex with women at least once a week now and I’ve joined three more of these sites and seem to find it very easy nowadays to get laid. So if your struggling to get laid tonight why not try one out yourself, you never know you could be having sex tonight straight after you’ve finished work.