Contact Me

In an ideal world I would love to give you my email address for you to contact me and tell me what a fantastic blog this is, but we don’t live in an ideal world. We live in a world where my email address would get spammed to shit by idiots trying to sale me something or trying to con me by telling me they want to place one hundred million dollars into my bank account and they just need my bank details to make the transfer because the sultan of abi dabi is having problems with the tax people or some shite like that.

Oh and by the way if paypal or your bank email you telling you theres a problem with your account don’t go clicking the link in the email because it’s a fucking con and you will be sent to a site that looks just like paypal or your bank and as soon as you input your information you’ve just handed the crooks access to your money.

But because I am what only can be described as a lovely person with a heart the size of an elephant I have made a new throw away email address just for this blog and I will check it maybe once a week so don’t expect a quick response if you do get in touch with me.

Plus when I come to check for emails and there’s like ten thousand of em then fuck it I won’t be answering any of them because I’m not prepared to go through a bunch of spam shite just to get to genuine emails, sorry about that but thats life.

And until they bring in the death penalty for these spammers we will just have to put up with them.

Oh did I mention I hate spammers.


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