Average Guy

Now I’m just your average guy who two years ago found it hard to meet women to chat to let alone sleep with them, I would go out to clubs with my mates and I seemed to be the only fella there who never pulled. This seemed to be the story of my life when it came to women, yes I’ve had plenty of girlfriends in the past but I met these through other friends and colleagues and we got to know each other over a period of time.

Crap At Chatting Up Women

Funny Pick Up Line

But for me to go out with the intention of chatting a girl up with the hope of sleeping with her, well forget that, it just never came natural to me. I could never think of anything to say I always came across as nervous and to be pretty honest with myself I sucked at it. So I started reading confident books and searching online for chat up lines all of which never worked, so I resigned to my fate as a loser and pretty much gave up on the idea of ever having a one night stand.

But then when I thought it was never going to happen I found a certain type of dating website that guaranteed I would get laid if I joined up, yeah I know what your thinking a scam site promising the earth and delivering nothing, well I thought that at first as well but I didn’t have anything to lose so I thought I would give it a go so I signed up and payed the membership fee and started sending out emails to a boat load of single ladies in my area.

The very next day I checked my emails and to my surprise NOTHING zilch not one bloody reply, so I assumed it was a load of crap and forgot about it for the rest of the day. Then around eight o clock in the evening I checked again and this time there was two replies from two lovely looking ladies who wanted me to send more information about myself. Anyway that evening I ended up chatting to one of them through the dating sites cam to cam service and we really hit it off and decided to meet up the next evening.

The Date

I couldn’t wait for the next day to come around and when it eventually did we met up at the Fleece and Firkin a local pub in the town centre where I live. We both sat there for a while drinking alcohol to calm our nerves and she said she had never done anything like this before and where do we go from here. So I said my place or yours and hers was nearer so we ended up back there and went straight into the bedroom and had great sex for what seemed like hours, although knowing me it was probably twenty minutes. But we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and swapped emails and phone numbers and agreed to meet up again one day, and since that night I’ve met her around nine more times for sex.

Anyway I thought that might have been a one off but it turns out I was wrong, I meet up for sex with women at least once a week now and I’ve joined three more of these sites and seem to find it very easy nowadays to get laid. So if your struggling to get laid tonight why not try one out yourself, you never know you could be having sex tonight straight after you’ve finished work.